help with tower

hi, i was wondering does anyone know where the bottom pipe of the tower goes, let me elaborate further, in the drawings for the tower (cheap version), you have to screw in three pipes to the top of the tower, two of them line with the no-threaded pipes but third pipe is screwed at a lower distance, does anyone know what that distance is, how far from the top should it be? thank you…

Good question. Even the official drawings for the real field do not have this dimension. At least I couldn’t find it.

They do have a dimension for a hole in a vertical pipe that is near the centerline of the lower horizontal pipe. The hole is 8.5" below the centerline of the top pipe. The centerline of the lower pipe seems to be between .25" and .5"above the hole. This would put the lower horizontal pipe 8-8.25" below the upper pipe.

For most purposes this should be close enough. You aren’t supposed to hang on the horizontal bars on that side anyway. The interface with the ramp is the only reason to sweat it

A clue look on the drawing for the real Field drawings. I don’t have the info at my finger tips.
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