Help with Vision for WebCams

Our team is running into difficulty with fluorescent lights causing a very white-washed image on our dashboard. We are using a webcam (HD 3000). Is anyone else experiencing this issue and does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? Any help is much appreciated!

Could very well be an exposure problem. The way to address brightness and exposure settings of a USB camera is by using the USBcamera class, which has functions to change camera settings.

Thanks for the suggestion. We did play with exposure values, as well as brightness and white balance. None of these proved successful. We decided to try a different webcam (Logitech 920), and it works beautifully. We are assuming that the Microsoft Webcam HD3000 either is not compatible with our code or the lighting in our workspace is too bright for it. Thank you again. Good luck with your bot!

Do you have any example code for this? I crash the rio when I use USBCamera and CameraServer in the same code.

You can manually set the white balance in Java so there’s no reason you can’t in C++.

Java code:

CameraServer server = CameraServer.getInstance();
cam = new USBCamera("cam0");
cam.setExposureManual(100); // exposure, 0 to 100
cam.setBrightness(100); // brightness, 0 to 100
cam.setWhiteBalanceManual(10000); // white balance, unsure what max is (10000?)