Help with vision

Hi, this is our our second year at frc. This year, we intent do a vision programme to help with the shooter trageting. We are planing to make a shooter the can change it’s angle y, so depending from where it will automaticly change its angle for the distance. We haven’t started yet. Im asking from where we should start off and the step to do to get to our objective.

The resource linked above should have everything you need to get the vision code going. I have two things to add that may help you:

  1. Be careful when integrating the rectangular vision tracking code into your main robot project - I would suggest making a copy of the VI, putting that in your robot project folder, and then importing that copy into your project. The other alternative would be importing the VI directly from the examples folder, but this presents a number of small file-management annoyances.

  2. The tracking VI will output target data in the form of X and Y coordinates. The general idea would be to have your code compare the coordinates of the target to where you want the target be. This could mean the center of the camera’s vision, which would be the (0,0) point. By finding the difference between where the target is and where the center of your camera is, you can turn your aiming device accordingly. The code for this is fun to make and not too advanced, so I won’t go much further into detail.

thank you very much