Help with Wordpress

I’m in the process of revamping my STEMRobotics site to pull it out of 2007 and move it up a decade.

I went to the Philly Workpress Camp across the weekend and learned lots of great stuff.

What I want to create for my STEMRobotics site (VEX EDR and VIQ)

  1. Pages that talk about what STEMRobotic is and does. Associated with these pages is blog entries by me about what STEMRobotics is up to.
  2. Pages that talk about events. I sort of see a Page for IQ, with links to the 2016 season, 2017 season, 2018 season. Each season would have individual events with the details. Blog posts would be attached at the season level vs the event level to bring them up a level.
  3. Pages that talk about a school/club/library and below that child pages about the teams at that school/club/library. I don’t know if to put a buffer page so you can look at teams by years.
  4. Blogs posts by the school/Club/Library would be at the upper level, but I’ld like to be able to put links into the lower pages (via shortcodes) so the blogs could be read as a season, buy a team or by the host school.
  5. The blog posts would require levels of bloggers to be able to post information.
  6. Pages with tech information that is cross referenced / searchable across the site. I don’t want blog posts here but would be interested in having comments availaible / attached to the tech pages.
    7)Lastly, using Woo commerece be able buy componets. But also be able to buy pizza and beverages at the dozen events per year.

If you are a wordpress wiz and can give me direct ways to do some of these things, send me a pnote.


our page is on wordpress… blog are the foundation of every pages on there… very easy to use and setup. that and google drive… and some integration with twitter and facebook…

not perfect, but it works for us!

We also use WordPress - our site is far from perfect as well. WordPress is often very slow and can be limiting but its ease of use and flexibility make it worthwhile for many.

Before answering any of your questions, I want to stress the importance of a theme. Find a theme that actually fits your content. This will be much better than trying to heavily customize themes to fit your needs.

Take a look at the difference in content between our robotics team website ( and our school paper which I also manage ( Very different content and very different themes.

If I understand your question correctly, all you have to do is implement categories or tags. You can tag post content on the sidebar when publishing. WordPress will then automatically create pages for those categories or tags which you just have to create a link to in your menu:

You can also create pages that aggregate multiple tags or categories. The way by which you do this will depend on your theme - some have it built in and others would require plugins.

WordPress gives you the following user roles by default: Administrator, Admins, Editors, Authors, Contributors, and Subscribers. At the most basic level, administrators can add/remove admins, admins can add/remove editors, editors can edit posts from others, authors can post but can only edit or delete their own content, contributors can add calendar events, and subscribers are just users with no permissions.

These roles can be customized within WordPress nativity or more advanced with plugins. We have redefined the contributor role as someone who can post but their post must be moderated by someone of a higher level.

More on user roles.

I don’t have lots of experience with Woo what I’ve heard mostly good things. However for simplicity, you might just want to use PayPal and embed it in your page. Someone else can probably give you some good info on this.

Our websites are in Wordpress.

Let me know what specific questions you have, jaredhk gave some good starting points.

The starting point is whether you are using or downloading Wordpress and installing it on your own hosting account. is hosted by Wordpress and has a limited number of themes and plugins available compared to hosting yourself.

Some hosts include some free themes they trust with their wordpress hosting.

If using wordpress on your own hosted account, is a great resource!

Do find a theme you like, that is current and has a good rating.
Security is a big issue with wordpress, so starting with a good secure theme is an important starting factor.

There are A LOT of plug-ins for various functionality and security out there. Check their most recent update and ratings on

It is very easy for the students to update and like said above you can give people limited access if you need to.

If you use forms on the site, you are collecting data and now google is penalizing sites that collect data without an SSL certificate/https. So this may be an additional cost for your site depending on your hosting plan.

There are endless options with wordpress, so feel free to ask me any specific questions.

Thanks to the people that responded about Wordpress last fall. is up and running.

The site is pretty data driven with Organizations being linked to Robots, Events are linked to Organizations and Robots. Organizations can have contact points and Robots have mentors, all linked to people.

90% of all that data linkage is done via PODS for Wordpress a very cool plugin.

The maps are done by MapPressPro, one of the things it can do is the “mashup map” on the Delmarva Map, it collects all the maps for the area and makes one complete map. Marker colors are tied to the type of robots an organization has.

The events are from “All in 1 event” calendar, because it allows for repeat events (ie build sessions at the library that run the first Monday of the month -or- and event that lasts two days)

Some other things for security and making the back end work I do a little easier.

Not shown yet is the Event Results, you can get to them via the teams, organization or the event. You’ll need to come back, our first event isn’t until December.

Thanks again to all the people that responded with ideas.