We imaged our old crio as we don’t have the new one and know code doesn’t run on it
Could it have something to with modules in the imaging thing showing up as red
The code is sound and not even the supplied sample code works with changed slots to match our robot

We had this problem as well. Something to try is to go into the 2012 imaging tool and select your crio by scanning for it. On the right hand side see if any of your modules are red. If so find the correct placement for those modules by hovering over each slot on the crio diagram. Once placed in the right slots the modules should show up green on the diagram. A reboot will be required to see any of the changes.

Its disappointing that they changed it and it didn’t show an error message or something it works now but do you have any problems with your stop button

The stop button was replaced in favor of the space key (which was previously a faster way to hit Disable), so now Space is the Stop Button.

My teammate gets annoyed with that since we used to use space as our disable button all the time. :wink:

Is there now a different keyboard button for Disable? I haven’t checked into it :slight_smile:

The Enter key is now Disable. F1 is still enable.