We can’t get the cRIO imaging tool open!! :frowning: We’ve been trying for days, and we’re getting behind because of it. Please help!!! :ahh:

Try posting with a meaningful and concise subject line.

You will get more help that way.

Also, but more specific: what do you mean when you say you “can’t get the cRIO imaging tool open”.

yep… we need to know more so we can try to help.

Operating system. Describe the steps you follow and where/how/if you get some error. Screenshots are helpful too.

Did you install the updates for labview, utils and driver station?
Links to those updates are at the bottom of this page:

Also, you may consider posting in the forums at – NI employees often lend a hand there.

Good luck!

We went to utilitys in the updated version of LabVIEW and clicked on “cRIO Imaging Tool” but the button must be broken because the window won’t open. I also found another way to open it. Under tools in the tool bar, but when I click on the link it opens the window for half a second and closes it again. We have to get it to open so we can configure the cRIO. Does that help at all with the explanation? I hope it does.

Did you download and install the updates and utilities for LabVIEW?

Yes. We have all the updates. I checked today for anymore and there are none.

Which updates do you have? It sounds like you might have missed the FRC Utilities one.