Im apart of the rookie team Era4640 and im a programmer, I dont know what to start with or how to set things up i need help. Im using Labview.:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

Two suggestions:

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Off to the left of your LabView Getting Started window, there’s a Tutorials link on the left. Give those a try, they should help you get started with LabView!

Im new to LabVIEW this year too, so don’t feel alone! Do you have previous experience in other languages?

As far as learning labview, there’s several things you can do that’ll really help. Lots of tutorials for one. After getting the basic idea behind it, I opened up a new cRIO Robot Project (this is what you’ll start with when coding for the robot) and looked over the code it starts you off with. The FRC Updates for labview make it so that instead of starting with a blank new program, we start with a template and edit/build up from THAT, not from scratch. Use the ? box at the top right and try and understand what does what

Also, here’s how the computer/cRIO interaction works (as best as i understand it):
-write the robot’s code in LabVIEW on your computer
-image the cRIO (wipe it clean) once, or when a new update comes out
-once you’re ready to test the code, power the cRIO and connect it to your computer, then open up the PROJECT file (not a .vi) for your code, open the Robot from the project window, and Click “Run” (->) at the top left to deploy the code from your laptop to the robot. Doing this will always wipe the old code from it so you dont have to worry about that
-Once that’s done, keep it plugged into your laptop, open up the driver station, click enable, and it should control for you

Another thing that’s really helping me is to understand each .vi file in the project’s purpose. For example, initializes everything. In order to call anything from a joystick in (the file that runs code for the main game – when you control the robot), you first have to OPEN it in the and give it a RefNumRegistry (via the RefNumRegistry Set vi). Then in other vi files, such as Teleop and Autonomous, you use RefNumRegistry Get vi to call the already opened joystick and use it in that file.
And just like you have to open things in the file, you have to close them in the file

Hope this helped at least a little. Good luck!

Thank you everyone i will look into everything right now:) :slight_smile:

I’m not a Labview programmer–I program in C+±-but here are some useful links that may help you:

This guide is from 2009, but should be valid for the basics:

This is a series of video tutorials, but is from this year:

I apologize if any of the links are outdated or not useful. I don’t know too much about Labview

I would suggest trying to find teams that are close to you, chances are theres at least one team that knows how and has the people to help you learn some basics

Labview has many examples under help->find examples :smiley: :]