Hello, I’m the volunteer coordinator of an off season event and don’t have access to Schoology to get the training documents for some of the volunteer roles. I’m hoping some on here might have the training documents for scorer, score keeper, field reset, and field supervisor they could send me? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

I don’t have access to those documents, but you’ll probably get a better response if you make your thread title more descriptive than “Help!”


What if I told you to forget about those documents and tell the key field people to train based on their knowledge and experience? Or do you have a bunch of rookies in the FTA, Field Supervisor, and Head Ref roles?

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The Schoology training is, in my opinion, rather useless. Don’t waste your time trying. That being said, there’s pretty specific instructions for accessing the training documents. Check out this page and anything that says Training next to the role will have instructions.

Some of the roles have documents on Box rather than Schoology. You won’t be able to access that without someone who does have access sharing it with you. You can always try emailing But as usual, it’s a crapshoot.