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Use the new LabView and the left side of controlbox one, for 3-axis control. I already control the axes of the controls but through them they managed to have difficulties, could anyone help me?
In attachment I send the programs I made with the xbox one block.

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I don’t think anyone understands what you are asking. Can you please describe your problem better?

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Hi, I want to control the motors of my robot through the analog buttons of the xbox controller, but I can’t do it, there are 3 motors, I wanted it to move forward, backward, side with the thumb buttons on the controller.

I assume you mean the joysticks? The joysticks would be analog when we talk about buttons we are usually referring to like x,y,a,b etc. that are boolean (on / off).

You are getting out the X and Y axis of the left and right sticks there so you just need to send whatever axis you want to use to your code that is controlling the motors.

It sounds like you were already able to control the robot in another way (thus you have the robot control working and just need the right joystick inputs to pass to it), is that correct?

Any more information you can give us on what else you have tried and what exactly your problem is would be helpful!

Are you programming for the FIRST Robotics Competition, or a generic LabVIEW robot?

Hi, I want to control the robot through the buttons attached in the photo below, but I don’t know how to make them communicate with my program, I managed to connect a boolean variable char to buttons A, B, X, and Y but when I try connecting the variable to these buttons does not work. How do I get my robot to go back and forth with these buttons?teste control

Hello guys! PM me your contact so I can put you in touch with our LabView Programmer, I’ve seen you are from Brazil too, so it should be easier for you to communicate with us!

Team 1156 from Brazil here!


I’m not a LabVIEW programmer, but I think you may need to treat those as axes instead of buttons. Have a look at step 5 in Tank Drive Tutorial.

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Yes… “Treat those as axis” is the correct thinking. The confusion here may be that the control (called a stick) is both a button and an axis. When pressed down it sends a Boolean value (green) of true. (Un-pressed it will be false.) Moving the control around with a thumb sends a value as the axis. The control is always sending values of both types.


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