Does anybody know about a list of approved vendors from FIRST? If so can you email me a copy.

Wait FIRST has its own stores to sell its own parts and then lists specific parts that have to be bought from certian people but other then that its open ended. What exactly are you talking about?

I think this is what you may be looking for. It’s marked as a ‘sticky’ in the Technical Forum.

No such thing. I refer you to this

Additional Parts must be generally available from suppliers such that any other FIRST team, if it so desires, may also obtain them at the same price. A specific device fabricated by a team from non-2005 Kit materials does not have to be available to others; however, the materials it is made from must be available to other teams.
and this

VENDOR – A legitimate business source for COTS items that as a minimum, satisfies the following criteria: • The VENDOR must have a Federal Tax Identification number. o The Federal Tax Identification number establishes the VENDOR as a legal business entity with the IRS and validates their status as a legitimate business. • The VENDOR must be able to ship their product within five business days of receiving a valid purchase request. o The FIRST Robotics Competition build season is only six weeks long, so the VENDOR must be able to get their product to a team in a timely manner. Note that this criterion may not apply to custom-built items from a source that is both a VENDOR and a fabricator. For example, a VENDOR may sell flexible belting that the team wishes to procure to use as treads on their drive system. The VENDOR cuts the belting to a custom length from standard shelf stock that is typically available, welds it into a loop to make a tread, and ships it to a team. The fabrication of the tread takes the VENDOR two weeks. This would be considered a FABRICATED ITEM, and the two weeks ship time is acceptable. Alternately, the team may decide to fabricate the treads themselves. To satisfy this criterion, the VENDOR would just have to ship a length of belting from shelf stock (i.e. a COTS item) to the team within five business days and leave the welding of the cuts to the team. • The VENDOR makes their products available to all FIRST Robotics Competition teams. • VENDORS must not limit supply or make a product available to just a limited number of FIRST Robotic Competition teams. • Ideally, chosen VENDORS should have national distributors. Example distributors include Home Depot, Lowes, MSC, Radio Shack. And McMaster-Carr. FIRST competition events are not usually near home. When parts fail, local access to replacement parts is often critical.
2005 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual: Section 5 – The Robot Page 6 of 29
FIRST desires to permit teams to have the broadest choice of legitimate sources possible, and to obtain COTS items from the sources that provide them with the best prices and level of service available. The intent of this definition it to be as inclusive as possible to permit access to all legitimate sources, while preventing ad hoc organizations from providing special-purpose products to a limited subset of teams in an attempt to circumvent the cost accounting rules.

Both were in “Robot” section 5 of the 2005 manual. :slight_smile:

I already took care of it thanks all. I also sent a link to the IFI store. Unless we missed something this thread can be closed.