Hello, I just recently purchased the Vex Robotic Sensors, which consist of the Optical shaft sensor, the line tracker kit, a light sensor, more bumber swithers and limit switches and an ultrasonic sensor, and I need help first of all, since I’m new to the C langague with a basic program that will just get the robot to just go forward. You see, I’m not new to programming but I’m new to the C langage. I’m currently taking Computer Sciece AP in which we learn to program in Java. I own a C programming book and I’m seeing how a lot of what I’ve learning in Computer Science is very closely related to some of Java except the syntax is different. So, I would like to know if anyone here could post an attachment for the Vex robot that will just allow the robot to go forward to give me an idea as to how robot programming is done. I’m new to robotics and I’m not using easyC because it does not teach the fundamentals of robotic programming. If anyone could post an attachment with a project for MPLab that just allows the robot to go forward I would definatly appreciate it so much because right now I’m currently stuck on programming this Vex Robot. :ahh: