Well, to keep it simple, i need some help on creating a recruitment video. We are losing quite a few students next year and need to start recruiting and dont have the resources to make a video.

I need something that strongly shows the meaning of FIRST and gracious professionalism and on how fun FIRST can be. Also what more is done on a FIRST team other that building a robot.

Any help would be great.

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(Oh and on another topic, if there is a local team that is going to boston regional and/ or the championship, i would greatly appreciate some help getting there, just PM me)

what are you looking for? a complete video? software? footage?I’ve got some great footage that i’d be happy to let you use, but it still needs to be downloaded off the camera

well, none of us have the skills to make one nor the software. Easy to learn software would work. But i am looking for a complete promo video of around 3-10 minutes long. and video footage would be nice, if you can upload it to our team web server, the address it and log on anonymously

hmm… I will suggest you to get in touch with Barry Bonzack from 1604. He made some recruitment and promo videos which helped his team look goood in the long run. Send him a pm and I am sure he will be more than happy to help you guys.

I can’t do the video but i should be able to upload some footage soon. Our regional is this weekend, so sunday night i’ll have all the footage from the regional aswell. As for software…AvidFreeDV might work, but it may also be too complicated. Windows Movie Maker is very simple, but it can be a pain to use sometimes. I’d check those programs out and see what you can do with them.


I am going to make another copy of the DVD I gave Linda last fall. I’ll see when I have time to do it and when I can get it to you.


Whats on the DVD?

If anyone has a Mac, use iMovie and iDVD. They are the easiest to use video editing software packages ever. They also do a really nice job.

Steve -

There are two good videos that already exist and are intended to help with exactly this issue. FIRST produced them, and does make them available to teams. Contact FIRST headquarters and ask for a copy of the FIRST promo DVD from last year.

With that as your basis, add in some custom video of your own team and robot, and you should have a pretty convincing video to show prospective team members.


Here’s the DVD files from last year’s Promo DVD. Simply download the files and you could import them into some video editing software, or just burn to DVD.


You can go to our site and order our FREE DVD/CD disk set called “Team in a Box”. Just click on the banner at the bottom of the page and order.

“Team in a Box” is designed with the Rookie in mind but also has sections on the meaning of FIRST and contains interviews with Dean Kamen, FIRST Senior mentors, Regional Directors and students. Many teams have used it for promo purposes and sponsorship meetings as well. We just added expert advice from Chairman’s Teams 67 and 103 as well.

Hey when its free you can’t lose!! :smiley:

Good luck in the weeks ahead!!

Al Ostrow

Team 341

I thought we talked about this at FLR last weekend. I told you I’d be willing to help you out. Just be patient please.

its also going to help start a couple new teams in the area…