hey everyone…im new in my robotics team and i have to make all the chairmans award notes…i mean i have to make the reports or whatever…but i need help!! i dont know how to…can somebody tell me what do i have to do and how?? i’ll appreciate u’re help…thanxxxxx

Its actually pretty simple, include everything your team has done to benefit the community, give direct examples, picture presentations are always great, and the more examples you give the better

First of all, Welcome to Chief Delphi Forums!

Second, don’t panic, you have been given a great job! Your overall goal is to notice all the things that your team does that make it a team. So for now, probably you just need to keep your eyes and ears open and maybe start a journal of sorts. Make note of the leadership of the team and what makes them work as leaders, note the work the mentors do and what ways they inspire the team members. Keep track of team activities, do you do community service or outreach, work with younger kids with Lego’s, etc. Jot down the ways your team makes money through fundraisers and sponsors. Record the team goals and help the team make some if they haven’t.

Then go search for other teams’ submissions from the past. Then when you hear what topics should be covered in the chairman’s essay for the 2007 game you’ll be ready to start putting together your team’s submission!

Look around on CD, I’m sure there are many threads to help you on this, and enjoy your new job!

thanks a lot!! now im sure im gonna do a great job…thanks again!!

Like mocat said above, many teams have their previous submissions on CD (check the white papers), or may have them on their websites. Search around a bit. :wink:

Welcome to CD, stop in often, there is a great bunch of people here. As everyone said above, you need to be sort of a historian. Not only make notes of what the team has done in the community but also who was involved so that you can go back to a person to fill in blanks about a particular event. Make sure the team takes pictures and video, anything can become important if it works but you won’t know that until after the fact. Assume every outreach project might become something huge. All the little things sum together as well, every parade you put the robot into, every community event you showed off the robot in, every school visit, and every competition you attend has the potential for your submission. Just the list that you make will have an impact on what the team will decide for future outreach. If there is something big your team does (like a computer recycling drive or help for the local children’s shelter) be sure to know what the actual benefit to the organization is, or what the people at the other end think about your involvement. It will help your team even if it doesn’t help the Chairman’s submission. Always remember that you are not doing community service just to receive Chairman’s, but you are given the award in recognition of the work that you have done.

dont worry you can just come to me or anyone eles on our team and we can help you out. like they said dont panic:D

Hey there. I have one thing to add on top of the great advice you’ve already gotten- don’t forget to keep in mind what your team is going to be doing in the future. It’s important to think about how you are going to expand or improve upon your current programs, as well as new ones you plan to implement. And that helps not just with the Chairman’s Award, but also with improving your team for the benefit of all.