I need you to please tell me of the following, which of them is connected to a VICTOR and which of them is connected to a SPIKE?

  1. globe motor
  2. mabuchi motor
  3. gearmotor

For those motors, I don’t believe it matters… If you just want a foreward reverse brake, then use the SPIKE, if you want speed control or need more than 20AMPs of power, then use a VICTOR. Also, what is this gearmotor that you speak of?

Globes must be on a VICTOR. We had thought you could run it on a spike, however in the manual it states that it needs to be on a VICTOR. The Globe however, does not need a 40 amp circuit and is allowed to run off a 30 amp breaker from the fuse panel. A good place to check these are in the Tips and Good Practices Page and 2007 Power Distribution page on USFirst.

The Mabuchi can be either of the two. If it’s a low torque situation and the motor won’t draw much current then use a spike, but if your using it in a high torque situation like in a drive or an arm, then I suggest using a Victor on a 30 amp circuit

what gearmotor do you refer to? Is it the new Keyang Window Motor?

<R92> CIM motors and Fisher-Price motors must be connected to speed controllers. They can not be connected to relay modules.
If the gearmotor you are speaking of is the Banebots with attached transmission, you might be happier with that connected to a speed controller.