I was once Molten on here but put in the wrong e-mail account so it never gave me full access. Since then, I set up ‘Temper Metal’ as a team account. Now I have graduated and am just a mentor. I can not keep in contact well enough to be the web person for the team. Furthermore, it is my belief that the team account should be ran by a student. I now want to submit myself a new account with the name Molten, my standard web name, but it will not let me. Can anyone allow me to make this account possible?

You might have to have an admin deleted your account if you want to use the same email address since I do not see any way to delete your account on your own.

I have a new e-mail address. I just want to re-use the username.

I’ve merged Temper Metal and Molten into just Molten.


Thank you. That really only solves half of my problem. I still need the Temper Metal account for the team. Can you remake the account? Without affecting Molten. If needed, I can get you another members e-mail account.

You can only use an email on one account … you’ll have to add the Temper Metal account with a new, unique email.