Helpful degree specific data sources for choosing a college

Been trying unsuccessfully to find degree/department specific data for colleges. Things like graduation rate, faculty/student ratios, class size, etc, but for a department or degree (like mechanical engineering, computer science) not for the college as a whole. Some colleges list the student stats (SAT, GPA) for departments/degrees but not seemingly more helpful info. Would rather not contact each school directly. Any suggestions?

I believe Georgia tech’s LITE page has this information but im not entirely sure. I’ll link it below.

That looks useful but I could not download anything without a log in.

Oh shoot yeah I forgot about that. But I’m not aware of any other websites that offer that information for everyone to view, I think its restricted to students and faculty at the college.

1 Like is a good source of information for overall college stats. Each college has reviews from current and former students so it might not have statistical data but you can surely figure out a lot. They also give colleges “grades” for a variety of categories like professors, dorms, etc if you’re interested in that.

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If you’re looking for engineering specific data, this website has a crazy amount of information on colleges


Niche, and some other sites, make me wonder how they determine their rankings. Niche’s top ten Comp Sci schools include Yale and Brown. While great schools for lots of reasons, I don’t hear a lot of talk about how great their comp sci programs are. However, my analysis is based on an absurdly small amount of data.

Usually it’s a mix of research quality, employer reviews and university facilities, at least in the QS rankings which is kinda the global go-to agency. However, imo these numbers, along with other metrics such as graduation rate, class sizes etc. The reason for this is that these numbers usually don’t have a bearing on your outcomes. For example, for each course you take it really doesn’t matter how many professors/students are at the university, the quality of the one professor you get will determine the quality of the course. Similarly, a higher graduation rate means that the course will be held in lower regard, whereas graduating from a university with a lower graduation rate might hold more weight on a resume.

What really matters imo is the culture of the university and how that aligns with your goals. So, what are your goals? Are you looking to find a university that will give you the best shot at getting a great job right out of uni? If so, ask about what industry exposure programs each uni has, do they incorporate internships into your degree etc. Or maybe you want to go into research and academia, if so your focus will be on the postgrad opportunities and facilities of the uni. Finally, you might just want to get through uni and have a good time, this is important too. Best way is to be on the ground to get a feel of just what it’s like. All these are qualitative rather than quantitative things.

For me, I wanted to study a combined degree so I went to a university which focused more on my non-engineering degree (I study engineering+law). It’s a very prestigious arts focused university and the engineering noticeably suffers. If you are looking for engineering to be your primary degree, definitely try to find a university which gives greater focus to its engineering program.

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