Helping a Triple Amputee

It has recently come to our attention that there is a young man in our area (Fenton, Mi) that from bacterial meningitis when he was just a few months old lost 3 of his limbs. His other leg never grew and he also has the mental capacity of a 5 or 6 year old. This poor young man hasn’t been able to get in his bed in many years, nor can he use a bathroom. This room is caving in around him and they have just now found black mold.
Team 1322 has decided to hold a bowl a thon to raise some well needed money for this family. i can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like not to be able to put your head on your bed every night. We are going to do our own version of an extreme house makeover. Many builders from all over the state have offered there help.
We want to ask other teams for Michigan to form a team and come bowl with us and Josh. It won’t happen during build season we are all much to busy right now. We are looking for as many teams as possible. Josh has told me he really wants to see a robot. Please think about joining us for 'Kids helping Kids" and having some fun while helping him :smiley:

Wow! What a wongerful, gracious gesture for your team to do in the off-season. yes, it’s this sort of activity that makes FIRST truly the “superbowl” of science!

I would suggest the following:
a) Set a date in May to do the Bowl-a-thon (or whenever you can get a place that has open lanes with no leagues. Once you pick a date, make up some flyers and take them to your reginal event in March or April. But set the date NOW and get the fyers out to all other local teams.

b) Treat the “home makeover” as a separate event. At the Bowl-a-thon, make a public announcement that your team will do the home makeover. Send out notices to your local TV stations to come to the bowling alley when you make the announcement and then follow-up with the TV stations once you’ve done the home makeover. be sure everyone wears your team “colors” to both events.

Our team has set a special goal of “151 thunderbolts” for community service projects during our off-season. It’s a very ambitious goal, but we’re getting close! (get the pun…151 from our team number…) :slight_smile:

We are starting to get teams from Michigan signing up and wanting to help out. We are so grateful for this and trust me so is Josh. We are pretty sure that the bowl a thon will be early May and of course Josh will be there. We are also trying to get him to come on Sat. at the Great Lakes Regional so if anybody wants please stop by and say hi to him, it would really mean a lot to him. He is a great kid with an infectous smile. :smiley: