Helping Local Teams

As a student, I have been involved with FIRST since 6th grade, when I joined the FLL team at my school. Since then, I’ve grown to love this program and I’ve decided that one of my major goals in life is to become an FRC mentor; however, I am very impatient and I lament the fact that traditionally I would have to wait until I graduate college to do so. Thus, I’ve decided that I want to get a head start on my mission to become a mentor. Therefore, I am wondering if anyone knows of any rookie teams being planned for next year in the Chicagoland area that I could contact. I won’t be able to be with any teams during the build season due to obvious reasons; however, I would love to assist any new or struggling FRC teams in the process of preparing for the upcoming season. If someone knows of a school or group with an FRC team in need that’s planned for next year’s season located relatively close to the northwest suburbs of Chicago, please contact me at . Thank you!

If you have not read, please do so now. You’ll find out about the various pitfalls of mentoring during college–and why some people won’t do it.

I’d find a veteran team that isn’t strong in your areas of expertise and help them out before helping a rookie team, personally. It’s a little bit “safer” because on a rookie team, you may be the only person who knows anything about the competition (AKA panic calls asking about the bumper rules).

Or, better yet…Al may be looking for inspectors at the Midwest Regional already. Or someone else at said regional wants a judge or other volunteer.

Thanks for your recommendations. Of course, I’d be happy to help anyone in need of assistance, not just rookies. The main things I want to promote to new/ struggling teams are the use of smart design practices, taking advantage of whatever resources at hand, and fixing plenty of little things that I often notice teams doing that hinder their potential.

I should probably have mentioned that my college years will be solely devoted to my studies, but I want to get a taste of what mentoring another team feels like before I’m done with high school.

While I am always looking for inspectors for any event, Alec is in a great position to assist teams. I can recommend him if you are starting a team in the northwest suburbs and would like some help getting off the ground.