Helping out a FIRSTteam ?

This year we need 8" diameter slick wheels, made by Andy mark in years past, we have two but need at least two more, Andy Mark didn’t have any and couldn’t give suggestions on where to find or buy them. Is there any team willing to donate or sell any that they aren’t using ? Our team is located in Norwell, Ma. Please contact us we need them badly.

We can’t help, but did you already try the CD-Swap section?

By slick wheel, do you mean the hard plastic wheel made for the 2009 (lunacy) game? I only remember those being 6".

There were two 8 inch “slick” hard plastic wheels included in last years andy mark kit. Our team is in Louisiana, so I hope you can find a veteran team from around MA that will donate. I dont see many teams using them this year so it should be no problem to acquire them.

We can probably help. Send me a PM and I’ll see if we still have 'em and are willing to trade.

We have some that we are willing to trade for as well.


You can have ours for the shipping cost, no need for something in return.

Thanks everyone, I think we found them and it should be okay, thanks for the offer, if we need spares I’ll PM one of you, Thanks again so much