Helping start a team

I was wondering if i could have a t shirt we saw alot of unquie machinces and the our team are trying to get other teams to send shirts to for a promo were doing and we take meduims or large .If so could i send u an address to mail it to

Im starting up a new team for the season i have been apart of several other teams .The idea with all the shirts is to show that their are many teams out doing the same goal as us but as each team uses a different approach and we feel we can gain several big sponsor and grow many new teams and exapnad into FTC and FLL in our rookie year.

What it like to start a team and the more of the things to do to operate a succesful team

The first step toward success is to define what success means to you and your teammates.

I suggest writing a list of long term goals, then using that list to produce a series of small achievable goals that will be stepping stones toward success. If you present that list here on CD along with specific and clear questions the community will be able to provide specific useful advice to help you reach your goals.

Hopefully this will help you answer your question of how to found and run a successful team. The truth is that all of us measure success differently, as we all have different goals and ideals. My point is that there is no set way to reach success because every team is unique and hence you need to create your own path. This doesn’t mean that we can’t help though :slight_smile:

I wish you luck

I received your request for a shirt and we (Team 2199) would like to send one. Send the address to [email protected]. Can you tell us more about the promo?

What is the new team you are starting? I may have missed it, but I don’t recall hearing about a new team recently in Maryland. As a member of the BAA and team support committees, I’d like to help if I can.


If you send a request to [email protected] with the address, Team 708 will gladly FEDEX you a shirt…