Hep with wheels

Hey, I’m just a little confused over the wheel regulations. :confused: My number one concern is if we can only use a maximum of 4 wheels on our robot, or if we could purchase more from FIRST and go over 4. And, another little question. Can we touch the arena floor with any other robot struture other than the wheels? For example, if we could touch the floor with an arm. Any answer would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Please read the rules in both “The Robot” section of the manual, and “The Game” section of the manual. They answer both these questions very clearly. They are downloadable from usfirst.org.

There is no real regulation on the number of wheels we can use. All it says is we can only use the rover wheels. FIRST gives us 4 of them in the Kit, but you can easily purchase more from AndyMark. I’d say you can definitly use more than 4 wheels (At least I’d HOPE! thats what my team’s doing!:ahh: )

As for if anything else can touch the floor, the rules are QUITE clear… NO! That’s SO agrivating!! the wheels are the only thing from your robot that can come in contact with the game floor… so no other wheels/ arms or anything can touch.

To answer your questions:

ROBOTs must use ROVER WHEELS (as supplied in the 2009 Kit Of Parts and/or their equivalent as provided by the supplying vendor) to provide traction between the ROBOT and the ARENA. Any number of ROVER WHEELS may be used. The ROVER WHEELS must be used in a “normal” orientation (i.e. with the tread of the wheel in contact with the ground, with the axis of rotation parallel to the ground and penetrating the wheel hub). No other forms of traction devices (wheels, tracks, legs, or other devices intended to provide traction) are permitted. The surface tread of the ROVER WHEELS may not be modified except through normal wear-and-tear. Specifically, the addition of cleats, studs, carved treads, alterations to the wheel profile, high-traction surface treatments, adhesive coatings, abrasive materials, and/or other attachments are prohibited. The intent of this rule is that the ROVER WHEELS be used in as close to their “out of the box” condition as possible, to provide the intended low-friction dynamic performance during the game

So for your first question, you can use any number of wheels, so long as they are the same as the KoP wheels. For the second question, you can’t use anything but the rover wheels to create traction - so having an arm that touches the arena is probably out based on that.

further, you should look at the team update that was released yesterday - it has some pretty important information regarding arms and robot dimensions.

Thanks alot for your replies. I did skim through the robot regulations… I must have missed it. Anyways, thanks.