here comes midwest

Midwest is less than a week away. Anyone who was there last year knows what is in store this year. With 71, 111, 217, and etc. all in one regional. By the way, is 71 the only team that has yet to reveal their robot. Im sure they have something in store for us. I cant wait to play in a match with or against them. Keep an eye out for us at 930!

I’m sure there are plenty of teams that haven’t gone to a regional yet other then 71.


I’m too pumped, I don’t wanna be in school lol…SOAP? Any word on the link for the webcast?

I just hope that the match pairings are more random than they were in St. Louis.


SOAP will be there in full force, including providing wireless internet access.

we will be there too. Except this time our robot will actually be there on time, our software should work properly, and our secondary drive gears should not fail. If all goes well, i expect that we will be a contender. . . Hopefully all goes well! :smiley:

look out for the custom purple and gold cheeseheads, cant miss us :-p


i’m going to go explode with joy now! well, i hope everything works out well with our bot, i wish everyone the best of luck, can’t wait to be at a competition again!!!

feel free to drop by our pit, i’ll be the short girl with red hair… and probably the only girl!

Wait wait… did someone just say there is gonna be wireless internet access availible at Midwest? Now the obvious question I should ask is how can it be accessed…

*Originally posted by Mark Hamilton *
**SOAP will be there in full force, including providing wireless internet access. **

With the Help of NASA Soap will be streaming the matches to the internet, but first I need to finalize a few items with Northwestern. We will have more information tomorrow on that.

As for Wi-Fi and internet access I will have more on that tomorrow as well.

I know it should be interesting and fun. See you all there!!!

One suggestion for your Wi-Fi: if possible, try to provide a “real” (hex digits) WEP key in addition to the password-type (1-9, a-z) one you had for UCF. My wireless card only supports the hex type, so I could never get on the network. Anyways, thanks again for providing so many amazing services to the FIRST community. Your archived matches are truly amazing!

SOAP, Would it be possible for you guys to post a link to the webcast before you leave?? Like for family and friends so they can watch it.

I would like to say again.

We are down under 24 hours! Im pumped and ready for this one and hope to make a big impact at that regional

Wooo…so much to do…but so excited…

I spent 1st hour, 2nd hour, and now 3rd hour in the lab of our teacher who helps out…getting our decals finished and burning cd backups of everything we have to take with us for our laptops…weeeeeeeeeeee!

Who needs class…i’ll just skip and work on robots!

Chitown here i come!

Woohoo… leaving in 45 minutes… I’m ready. Are you?

Woooo packing the bus!!!

See everyone there!

30 mins till departish time.