Here, I brought you a dead thread

Why do auto-closed threads always get “bumped”? Is there some setting I have wrong or is it just a built-in dumbness?


What thread was this? It looks like it was closed by a moderator 1 hour ago, which may have bumped it. The automatic closing shouldn’t bump threads.

It does. All the time.


The moderators used to get these from flags that were closed a year earlier. I don’t remember what we did to get rid of them.

And I don’t remember where they appear - in the “Suggested Topics” section at the bottom of a page?

I’m pretty sure yes for threads. Definite 100% for private messages.

Yes, and yes! This especially shows up when hitting the default page (Unread). Currently, the first twelve topics listed for me are ones I opened years ago and which have been relatively recently closed.

A while back Brandon had suggested to me that I should dismiss all unread threads from that page. If the thread is unread, then closing it bumps it. But if it’s not unread, closing it doesn’t make it unread.