Here is what happens when I'm bored...

Here is something that I did when I had nothing else better to do…
My teacher also challenged me to do it.
check it out here
What do you guys think?

Sorry the video quality isn’t the greatest.

nice. doing ppuzzles like that really gets you good at the assemblies you might want to try getting that last piece in there completely though. i also suggest using the studio to make it look even more sweet.


The problem is in the presentation file I have the last piece going all the way in but it doesn’t show up in the .avi. Would you happen to know how to fix this…I was trying to get the presentation file to record for a bit longer but it wouldn’t allow it. I’m really trying to really get a handle on Inventor Studio, like I do with the rest of inventor so I can have some really great animations for next year’s competiton. Thanks in advance for any advice.

hmmm presentation files arent my thing, i guess i should read up on them. But they are especially great for depicting stuff if your trying to get an idea across and dont want to wait for something to render but still have smooth graphics. so i guess i have a question here.

do any teams utilize .ipn files in season for presenting design ideas in OR out of season?

first year our team was without any CAD, but second year we generally modeled some simple designs and threw them on the projector for everyone to see. rotation and so on was all we really used to give more of a feel for the idea.