Here's a 2019 Kickoff timer


I made a timer for the 2019 kickoff, it is set at January 5, 2019 @ 10:30 AM


But… what about us West coast teams? :cool:


There is a timer on TBA as well. I get scared and excited every time I see it.

Kickoff is the same time all around the world so the timer is the same no matter where you are located. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i know, it’s a blender of emotions , but that timer’s a little bit boring though:D

Wait so are some teams up late at night or up super early in the morning to watch the kickoff?

Yes. If you live in Hawaii, well that’s like 5:30am.

Ouch! And I thought 7:30 was bad (I’m on the west coast).


In Israel Kickoff happens every year at 5:30 pm, so not so bad for us. We even have a few hours to start analyzing the game.

100 days left… might as well update the site for Infinite recharge:


Gotta love the stuff that’s EST based :smile:

That IS a nice timer