Here's a Bet

OK, enough talk about the ‘toughest divisions’ and ‘easiest divisions’ -
too much talk and no action. Who wants this bet -

I bet that at least one of the DIVISION WINNERS will be from the CURIE DIVISION.

I got a Cyber Blue shirt to offer as a wager.


Nice try :slight_smile:

(I almost fell for it!)



That makes no sence because you are saying that there would be a division winner from CURIE, and ofcourse there will be, well somebody is going to have to win CURIE.

You made me think about it but seriusly bet something because I would love :yikes: to have a cyberblue shirt.


I’ll match your 1 and raise you 2 for a total of at least 3 winners from Curie :smiley: :rolleyes:

I’ll bet you just for the hillarity of seeing you try to wear my Cyber Blue Shirt.

So the other side of the bet that one of the division winners will not be from Curie? I’ve got a 116 shirt to offer as my part of the wager.



Yer on, dude. If there is a tie, we both pay up.

Well, folks. The Championship is over, and I was correct.

I can honestly verify that there were a total of 3 winners from Curie.

Hey, I was right too!