Here's a tip....

I’ve been in track, and I’ve learned that when you are running a race, stay on the inside of the track.

So therefor, stay as close to the lane divider as much as possible…you go around faster and you have more time to make more laps.

Presuming your turn radius is near 0.

So… just how small of robot are you willing to build to be able to accomplish near 0 turn radius? :wink:

it was only a tip and i said stay as close as possible not so close you cant do anything.

It’s a good tip if you’re going for just a quick 2 points by racing around the track.

But if you’re hurdling or herding a trackball, you’ll need to stay a bit on the outside to compensate for certain factors. Also if you’re hurdling you need to factor in the time and space to collapse something like an arm if when extended to hurdle it goes past 6’.

The problem is not as simple as taking the least distance. If the object is to minimize the time around the track, you will need to determine the entry and exit points of the turns that maximize your acceleration into the straightaway.

Also I’m not sure how the lane divider will be anchored. Considering that you can’t bolt onto the field it will most likely need a platform underneath for support. Based on the field set-up at our remote kickoff there the platform sticks into the field atleast a foot. I would assume that FIRST would make the platform out of something thin like aluminum but this may still be a driving hazard to some teams.

There will be plates underneath. They are about 1/4" thick and create a 1/2" bump. See Section 6.2.3.