Here's Some Sensor Test Code for the Gyro & PID, Accelerometer, and Magnetic Encoder

I created some test code for making sure various sensors were working, and understanding how to use the WPILIB PID class(for the gyro). After I finished, I commented them for others to use and expanded upon the comments in the that can be read on github easily.

Let me know if anything is unclear or if there are any questions.

Each link links to a git repository on github. On the page is some information about setting up the device for running the code. If you aren’t familiar with git, the code can be downloaded as a compressed file(click the zip button).

Each repository is a contains a netbeans project for ease of use. Just click open>Open Project… and navigate to the extraced folder to add the project to netbeans.

ADXL345 Accelerometer Test Code
Am-2067 Gyroscope Test code
Am-2067 Gyroscope and PID Example
AS5145B Encoder - Incremental Mode Test Code
AS5145B Encoder - Absolute Mode Test Code

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From what I saw, it looks like these basically just log the values. Any reason you use a separate project just for logging a sensor’s value instead of just putting it in your normal code?

All of them are basically logging values, except for the Gyro rotation one; just logging values may seem easy, but actually knowing what classes and methods to use is kind of time consuming to figure out without examples. WPILIB doesn’t do a very job describing the behaviour of classes and its methods, and I needed to know if the . Basically I needed to see what the output was to get.

Just using these classes with my actual robot code would have been be next to impossible this year if I didn’t write some(very basic) test to code to verify that the device was indeed correctly wired, and to see what the output looked like.

Is there any reason why you made your own program instead of using the LiveWindow? Testing sensors on robots was one of the reasons why the LiveWindow was made.