He's back.......

Hey Everyone!

   My name is Vincent Zotto. It has been a while since I've seriously posted on chiefdelphi for any reason. Look for me in future posts for valued input and consulting! Once again, The Vinster is back, tell a friend! :cool:

W00t Vin!

What? Did judging at this past weekends FLL event in CT get you back into the FIRST spirit?

Welcome Back.

I’m back too, for better or worse. :eek:


Holy smokes, this is a double-whammy! Here is a BIG welcome back to both Vincent and Matt. Both of you have been very helpful on these forums in the past.

Andy B.

Hooray, Vinnie’s back! I knew it was only a matter of time :wink:

Matt, I don’t know you hardly as well, but welcome back too!

May I join the returning group? Things are looking up after the dust from the whirlwind has settled!

Hey! And Adam dropped by not too long ago too… it’s a holiday reunion!


I’m kinda back too, not that I ever posted much. I’m here to keep an eye on Heidi over the next few days. My curiosity wont let me stay away.

Welcome back Vinnie! :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see some “inactive members” come back, especially ones you know. :wink: