Hex Bore Mag Encoder Housing alternatives

We can not find the Vex 19-726672 Hex Bore Mag Encoder Housing anywhere and wondered if there anything else we can use a CTRECancoder in with a 1/2 hex bore?

looks like it is in stock on the Canadian store… at least by name, not sure about the part number you listed.

Which Canadian store?

That’s Vex’s Canadian store


There is a spot near the top of the page to change which store you are using. It looks like a currency selector but it also affects some stock availability

They wont ship to the US so we are still stuck.

How many are you looking for?

Edit: solved the immediate issue and they are getting sent the two they need.


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While we did solve this immediate problem, I am curious is anyone else had another solution or if it would something that you could 3dp and get it accurate enough.

Thank you to kingc95 and his team for the help!

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