Hex Couplers

Where can i buy the hex couplers and housing for the cim motors
ive looked all over the internet and i cant find a place that sells them
also if anyone has any advice on holomorphic drive i am designing one to build during off season

holomorphic? you mean holonomic?

anyway, for holonomic, use mecanum wheels. they’re harder to make, but allows you to push, and otherwise behave like a normal bot.



I’m not exactly sure about this, and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but when buiding a holonomic drive, can’t you also just use omni wheels rotated at 45 degrees from the chassis? Each wheel must be driven by individual motors but by using different sets of motor combinations you can move “sideways” and “forwards” without actually turning.

That’s correct. The same is true of mecanum wheels, except that they can be arranged in a more typical 4WD arrangement and some feel that there are great benefits to such a design.

i designed the drive to use one motor for each of the wheels and they have there own transmission that i have also designed so each wheel is powered. But i cant find the hex couplers to build the drive train. Here is the picture.



Those hex couplers are from the kit of parts provided several years ago. They are no longer available commercially, as far as I’m aware, as they were made for FIRST by Nypro. That said, there are probably plenty of teams who have them laying about their shop with no good use for them.

Before you get too far along, however, consider the eligibility of such parts for use in future robotics competitions.

i could also use other suggestions for connecting cim motors to gears especially if i wont be able to buy them now.

Well, what’s wrong with using the pinion gear that has been provided with kit transmissions for the last two years? They’re a standard pitch and pressure angle, so even if you’re using your own gear train, you should be able to interface those pinions with it easily.

4 of the AndyMark single speed gearboxes wouldn’t be a bad choice either, nor would Dewalt transmissions.

I’m going to second Sanddrag on using Dewalt gearboxes in a holonomic drive. They are very compact, reliable, relatively easy to mount and will give you a good speed to drive at. A bonus is that they’re shiftable on the fly too. I’m a little worried from your picture that you’re currently geared too fast. I can’t tell the ratio exactly but a single geardown from a CIM usually isn’t enough. You’re definitely on the right track. Keep with your design and it looks like you should have a nice holonomic set up.