Hexagon airship deminsions?

Would anyone know the angles and lengths of each side of the base of the airship? Our team is trying to tape out the feild and we are having difficultly. Thank you!

I think what you want is page 7, the airship base, but might be some combination of 80-85 if you wanted to tape out the rail area, for whatever reason.

With the 2 demensiojs given and all angles unkown, an infinite amount of hexagons can fit…comfusion?

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You know exactly what the angles are. divide 360 by 6.

720 by 6 :wink:

Sure, if you want face to face. Point to point on the inscribed circle is 60*, which you can then easily pull 120* from.

I understand that a regular hexagon is not 120 degrees, however, no where does it state that the hexagon is regular. Therefore this hexagon may have all same side lengths and different and angle measures. I guess im asking if anyone has proof if this is indeed a regular hexagon.

I mean you could check out the CAD model of the field.

Hexagon is 120 degrees*

This isn’t possible. Equal sides means equal angles because of geometry. (Specifically the definition of a regular polygon and related theorems)

Pages 6-11 of the document CalTran linked. There are six airship legs called for on page 6 (only one part number for them, so they’re identical) and pages 8-11 give you almost any dimension for them that you could imagine.
A little research goes a long way.

I’m pretty certain FIRST intentionally leaves off some numbers like this so that you can derive them yourself. Finally, a practical use for that geometry homework!

Equal sides does not mean equal angles for any polygons beyond a triangle.

Consider a rhombus as a counterexample.

Oops. This is what I get for trying to come up with an answer too fast I guess.

It seems close, if not equal.
I understand that this is passed bagging, but I hope it helps. I can post the math if you are interested. I got an 81.50 for the long side on page 7.
Good luck, and I will hopefully see you in champs!
Gal Egozi