Hexbug contest?

I saw some people with those Hexbugs in Atlanta. I never saw them move really, but they looked pretty cool. Someone said they were having some sort of contest with them but I heard nothing more than that. Does anybody know anything about this contest?

I believe it was that a team had hid a gold plated one in a radio shack somewhere around America, and which ever team finds it gets $6,0000.

InnovationFIRST and RadioShack have hidden one (1) golden HexBug in a RadioShack somewhere in the United States. The FIRST team that finds that gold HexBug gets $6,000. This was announced at the Chiefdelphi WebHug.

Personally, I think this contest is rather impossible. But good luck to those that look. I might call around some RadioShacks in the United States… but that’s a lot of long distance phone calls. LMAO. I hope it’s here in the Quad Cities. And I also hope that someone from FIRST gets to it first and not some random person that thinks they look pretty sw33t.

When are they going to sell these bugs? Radio Shack hasn’t posted them online, and the site refered to by the flyer given by team 148 is still under construction.

What keeps just anyone from buying it, and a FIRST team never ever getting it? Or is it not sitting on the shelf? But then how would you find it? If it was on the shelf, are we sure all the employees working there know it is special?

I thought Mike Martus (or the IFI speaker) said that they were going on sale this week at the WebHug, but I could be mistaken. I checked at one of my four local RadioShacks and the employees didn’t know anything about the HexBug… I’m hoping they have them and at a reasonable price. I’d like to get a couple and use them as “pocket” robot showcases for anyone that says, “Hey, your shirt says you build robots, do you really build robots?” And then I can say, “Yes, I do build robots. Here’s an example of a robot; however, I didn’t build this one, you can find it at RadioShack for X dollars. SMACK! HexBug scurries away

I’ll try to get an official statement (or a copy of the flyer, at least) later today, but here is what I understand:

They go on sale in RadioShack stores sometime in the next few weeks. I’m not sure if they’ll be available on radioshack.com. Visit your local stores or call around and see if they have them; have them check for the gold colored one (see below).

There is one gold-colored HexBug that is a limited edition hidden somewhere in the United States; you don’t need to buy it (but you can, because hey … it’s a limited edition), you just need to take a picture of yourself holding it in the store. Send this picture to IFI and you’ll get $6,000 towards your FIRST registration fees next year.

EDIT: More information here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56960

So do they have to open it? Will some RS be hesitant to open the product?

You’ll be able to see that it’s gold without opening it. The packaging is clear plastic.

How are they going to prevent some random shopper from purchasing it? This is pretty cool though, like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So can a Canadian team find one in a US radioshack and still win the prize?

I would assume so… since the prize is for FIRST teams only and FIRST is international.

Keep in mind, raising money through companies and dedicated sponsors is the standard way to start a rookie team. HoustonRobotics.org and the NASA grants are also good way of connecting schools to companies and setting up a sustainable funding program.

With or without the $6K , I still think this is a great marketing trick for radioshack, I hope more electronics/retailers jump on the bandwagon (i.e. Best Buy, Fry’s, Walmart )

sorry to bring a old thread back from the dead, but did anyone actually find that gold plated HEX bug?

I never heard anyone did

what if some kid got it and doesn’t know it’s special? that would just waste the whole thing.