Hexbug Fundraiser

For the past 3 years we’ve done the hexbug fundraiser. Last year we did about 3 different types of the hexbugs but this year I can’t find any info on how to do it again. I found this but I don’t think its the same.

Anyone have any info?

It’s linked from the VEX site.

Isn’t that just for the original hexbugs though?

EDIT: Just saw on the form theres a space for “Hexbug Type” but it lists no prices.

Under “Ordering Information” on the website, see the second line. If you want more info on the rest, call them.

All of the different Hexbugs are available for fundraisers. The cost per case is dependent on the quantity ordered, but is typically 45-50% off of retail price. Call during business hours and Rick will answer any specific questions about pricing and availablity. 903-453-0804