Hexbug Mania!!

So our team decided to sell Hexbugs again this year since they turned such a great profit last year and were a lot of fun!! (And Now is the time to do it as they make great “stocking stuffers”!). I called up to place the order for our first 10 cases (we sold over 35 cases last year!!), and found out that they they made the color change - they added the black bug in and took the yellow out!! That was such a relief because we had a hard time selling the yellow ones last year, and the black ones look awesome! Cheers to IFI for actually listening to their customers & adjusting!!

On top of that they told me that the Inchworm is now available for fundraisers at $330 a case (30 bugs - cost $11 retail $20), and that the crabs should be available by January 1st (and might be sooner!!)

I was so excited that I generated a new order form for our kids to use, and figured others could use it as well if they wanted to do Hexbug sales. The one thing to caution your kids it that you have a LIMITED SUPPLY of colors… we told the kids they were only allowed to sell quantities that come from the cases (ie 2 of each color - they cant sell 4 red and no orange), or trade with eachother.

Feel free to use and modify as needed!

(Oh and we are thinking of selling mini flashlights with the crabs, maybe find ones that are 75cents and sell them for $1)

& Happy Turkey Day everyone!

HexbugOrderForm08.pdf (171 KB)
HexbugOrderForm08.zip (382 KB)
HexbugExcel.xls (18.5 KB)

HexbugOrderForm08.pdf (171 KB)
HexbugOrderForm08.zip (382 KB)
HexbugExcel.xls (18.5 KB)

You could always double your money by stocking up on (original) Hex Bugs on Friday at Radio Shack for about 5 bucks each - unless you by them at that rate already through the fundraiser?
Well, in any case:


Yeah we buy them at $5 each, so no extra savings…
(And IFI gives free shipping!)

Oh wells. lol

Thanks for the post. We called IFI a week and a half ago to ask if they offered discounts on the two new bugs.

We are hosting a FLL tournament on December 6th. We are going to sell them at the FLL tournament.

We made about $3000 last year in two weeks before we to Championship.

Great order forms, Thank you.


Yeah we were hoping they’d keep yellow along with the black and we could get dense Pittsburgh Steeler fan locals to buy 2 instead of 1. Alas.

I don’t see any reference to the inchworm pricing on the fundraiser site or order form, http://www.vexrobotics.com/hexbug-fundraiser.shtml. How do you go about ordering them if they are currently available?

Orange is the local favorite here; we’d gladly trade whatever remaining yellow we have for additional oranges :cool:. Let me know.

We emailed and got a response back that the discounts were not available on the two new ones. I emailed them back today to find out.

One of our mentors suggested we sell batteries as well. We had several come back to ask about batteries last year. We are looking into buying in bulk and selling as a package with the robots as well or even offering to people who bought last year.

Interesting - we were told the same thing about the 1/09 crab availability as part of the fundraiser, but heard nothing of the inchworms being a part of the dealio.


We sold batteries last year. I believe we bought around 1000 at 6 cents each (see link above). I marketed the batteries as “Hexbug Food” and sold them 2 for a buck - far more than they actually cost. Good times. Of course the same can probably be said about the Hexbugs themselves. :cool:

I’ve attached the battery sales promo flyer we put up around Delphi. Behold my mad MS-Paint skillz. I had to add the “batteries” reference because apparently some people (the aforementioned Steeler fans, most likely) were too…encumbered by certain cognitive limitations…to figure out we were selling batteries.

We printed out the 2nd page and taped it to the box the batteries came in…

Hexbug Feeding Station - Bug Food.doc (416 KB)

Hexbug Feeding Station - Bug Food.doc (416 KB)

I think it was pretty close to a brand new thing, as I talked to them about 2 months ago and they had no plan of it at all. It sounded like it was something in the last week or so. I spoke with Roger, and he said they were definitely offering the inchworm and looking at doing the Crab, so if you are interested, I would just give them a call.

And I love the “Hexbug Food” idea! :slight_smile:

We ordered Hexbugs yesterday from IFI yesterday. We had to call and get the prices from IFI.

Prices are as follows:

Hexbugs 1- 9 cases - $165 a case ($5.50 for each hexbug), 10 or more cases - $150 a case ($5.00 for each hexbug).
We will sell each one for $10.00

Crab - reacts to light - 1-9 cases - $240 a case ($8.00 for each crab) , 10 or more cases - $225 a case ($7.50 for each crab)
We will sell one for $15.00.

Inchworm - remote controlled Hexbug - 1- 9 cases - $330 a case ($11.00 for each inchworm), 10 or more cases - $315 a case ($10.50 for each inchworm)
We will sell each one for $20.00

Did they say that the Crabs are available early? I was waiting to call as he suggested to call later in the week and I didn’t want to be a pest :slight_smile:

Yes they are available. We got our shipment today. We are hosting a FLL tournament this Saturday. That will be the beginning of the sales of the Hexbugs for us.

The prices above are the quotes I got on the phone from IFI.

Good luck.

By the way, the crabs and inchworm are much bigger than the Hexbugs.