hexidecimal error message in notepad

ok, ive been having this problem with the loader and the frc chip. I’ve been spending the day trying to calibrate the current sensors so we get amps back instead of a 10 bit number. Anyways, i did some math and programming os it would display decimals instead of just integers (basically, i made two variables and had “current=%d.%d”,ipart,dpart) It worked just fine but the coefficent was wrong so i changed it and added a "
" so the new outputs ended up on new lines. Anyways, just after i loaded, the light on the frc for programming stayed orange and blinking (thats the loading state) and would not change, even if i pressed reset. I also got a nice error which came up in note pad all in hexidecimal. They looked like memory addresses and contents to me. So, thinking i did something wrong, i changed my coefficient back and removed the "
" escape sequence from my printf() function. Still gave me the same error. Over and over and over. I’m now contemplating just deleting the code, bringing in the original, and starting from scratch. Unless anyone knows what is up and can help me. I would be quite grateful.


There are several reasons you get the notepad dump.
I’ve seen it occur usually due to running out of RAM or data memory (you could also be out of ROM or program memory, but that’s less likely).
Translation: You’ve created too many variables and used more than the 1800 bytes the controller has available.

Another related reason you’ll see this is when you’re using the original version of IFI_loader v1.0.5 (in IFI_Loader click on “About” to see the version #). The original had a bug that only allowed it to download 16K instead of the available 32K. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest from the IFI site.

ok, i have the newest mplab (V6.4), but i dont see the reason for a dump. I have only created 9 bytes of my own variables (5 chars and 2 ints) and it has worked with just there variables before. all i did before i got the dump was change the value in one of my macros and add a "
" to my printf statement. So, i still dont see the problem.


Try loading the default code and test that, if you still can’t run, you have bigger issues. Besides, that should do ‘house cleaning’ for memory.

How about the newest IFI_Loader v1.0.7?
I didn’t mean to imply the MPLAB version applied to this particular problem.

I assume you are working from the FRC default code.
Are you using any floating point constants, e.g., “x = 999 * 2.5;” ?
Post the few changes you made and tll us exactly where you placed them, e.g., at the top of the file, inside routine xxx(), and we’ll see if we can spot the problem.

And attach it?

theres the problem. I had ifi loader 1.0.5, 1.0.7 should fix it. And what im doing w/ my macros is multiplying a int by the decimal i got time 1000 so i can display as two numbers, f part and i part. Thanks again.