Hey, Any members of the Hawaian Teams here?

This summer was the summer that my brother went away to college, he went to the University of Hawaii in Honolulu pretty tight huh. Well, Being a family member, I had to help him out, you know, get him settled in, yea…no, basicly I helped him get settled in and then it was scuba diving and taking busses around the city(pre-strike) with these three asian chicks I hooked up with(different story). So I was just enjoying my self checking out the mall and going across the island. One day I had to go find a borders books and music(wireless internet) and so I took the buss downtown to this small mall my this IBM building(with the cool gold/copper/shiny vertical squiglys on the outside) after browsing the store I got hungry so I decended to the ground floor in search of a meal, and to my surprise I chanced apon a display case with a robot inside and apon closer inspection noticed the unique symbol of FIRST. I thoght it was pretty cool that FIRST managed to get a toe hole out in paradise.

I just wanna say its cool, and maybe you guys could help me pull something on my brother.

Haha - N00bie hard at work…

If you want to see if any of the Hawaian teams are here on CD.com - just find out the Hawaian team number(s) and look it up on “Users” and than click on “team Number”

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

…I…Dont…know…their team numbers…


Here are the teams.

As for Hawiian teams on ChiefDelphi, there are some registered, but they didn’t respond to me spring of 2002 when I tried to get in contact with someone from out there.

I did see the original Poi Pounder in a display case in the middle of Honolulu International. That was very cool, lots of expsure.


usfirst.org -> FIRST Robotics -> Interactive map -> (Click on Hawaii) -> and viola! A list…

Here are the Hawaian teams that you wanted:

359 Naval Sea Systems Command Detachment Pacific/Hawaii Directorate of Public Works/McInerny Foundation/Castle and Cooke & Waialua High School Waialua, HI USA

368 - NASA Ames Research Center/Hawaiian Electric Company (HECo)/Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation/RHT Enterprise & McKinley High School - Honolulu, HI USA

636 - University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology/Hawaiian Electric Company/Castle and Cooke Hawaii Homes, Inc./IEEE Hawaii & Waipahu High School Waipahu, HI USA
831 Castle & Cooke/Leeward Community College & Mililani High School - Mililani, HI USA

833 - W.M. Keck Observatory/Bakken Foundation/Starbucks & Hawaii Preparatory Academy Kamuela, HI USA
1056 HELCO/HIEDB - Women in Technology Grant & Waiakea High School - Hilo, HI USA

1344 - Parker School - Kamuela, HI USA

1378 - Hilo High School - Hilo, HI USA

I didn’t want to come off as a jerk or anything. Just some times if you spend about 5 minutes of looking - you could of answered your question!

I hope this helps you in your search! :slight_smile:

Thx, this will help me out alot

Don’t mind me bringing up an old thread, I just saw it today. As you can see I’m from Team 1056, Waiakea High School - Hilo, HI :smiley:

Hello! I’m from team 833, which is in Kamuela, not Hilo, as the information posted above indicates. Yeah, Hawaii’s cool, but it’s really hard to get stuff on time out here.

I heard that Waiakea isn’t doing FIRST this year. Is that true?