Hey Everybody!!!

How is everybodys projects coming along so far? Lets hear some responses on this! Comon GUYS AND GIRLS, lol.

we didn’t start yet.

Slower than I would like. English class has been keeping me busy enough that I can’t put but a few hours a day in on it, but it’s coming together. If only my assistant would do what I need him to do instead of drooling over new iMacs…

Starting as of… today… or actually tomorrow Feb 3rd. :-/

hye great so far, we currently are rendering a low quality version of version 1, (minus the robot, full background, low quality ground texture) but we expect to get done with every thing about a week and a half before the time its due. So far because of rendering, we are 2 days behind.

Tyler Olds
Head animator
Team 93
email: tman_86@yahoo.com (there is a _ )

looks like we have some slackers and some getting on the ball! thats what im talking about!

slackoffs or maybe just people who are leaders of their robot construction and animation, and have a ton of other things to do.


Just have to put the robot in it and do some test render to see how it looks, then the sound and music. And some finer mesh modeling on a few parts, other then those few things, team 384 is done

Team 384
Animation Team Captain


have to make the robot, make the arena, ect.

however, the scenes without the robot just need effects and animation. texures and models are almost done. here is a week old test render, nothing much, just texureing the race car. my main problem is my perfection obsession and not letting anyone else do anything… :frowning:


btw i know there are no top texures on this, and it looks clownworthy, however, this is not very recent, and i am at skool right now. :smiley:

when i get home, i will slap some more on the grill.