Hey everyone ... DIGG this!

From THIS post](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=502102&postcount=41) quoting Phil Shapiro (Thanks Jenny/RoboMom):

If a submitted item to digg receives more than 50 diggs within a 24 hour period, it rises to the front page of digg. Several million people read the front page of digg every day.

Everyone within the FIRST robotics movement needs to be registered on digg. digg is a powerful, no-cost tool for us to get the word out about FIRST.
GO SIGNUP NOW AND DIGG this PBS FIRST story. I just did … it really is painless …

Link again…


My user name is the_mole1314, add me to your friends :wink:

BTW, digg is an all around great news site. Started by ex-TechTV host Kevin Rose.

w00t for digg

Friend me - conorryan

FIRSTcast Trivia Fact- In many of the revisions of episode one, Adam Richards mentions Digg.

where did you learn w00t?

Digg’s one of my favorite websites – right up there with /.
username DrJoe047

Joe J.

now once we get at least 50 Digg (s) we will have to search through the only 1300+ pages of stuff with 50+ Digg(s) in 24 hours

you guys can add "Stukes"to your friend list if you want, but I doubt I will use it for much other than this one time.

Ahh, what a great idea!

I (and most of my team) is on Digg for hours a day!

Without it, we get quite sad…


33 Diggs and counting


Nice to see that a CD blitz can work.

Digg is an amazing website in that all of the content is submitted and controlled by users. Cudos to Kevin Rose.

If you like Digg, check out the podcast Diggnation hosted by Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, both formerly of Tech TV - http://revision3.com/diggnation

BTW, podcast isn’t work nor kid safe. :wink: Good still though!

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good to see FRIST on the front page of Digg

The Proof that we did it.

Yes thank you Joe for mentioning that. Some bad language throughout the podcast, and a new beer every week, but still honestly one of my favorite podcasts to date. Reminds me of better days… ah The Screen Savers :slight_smile:


Cool deal. Nice show.

My Digg account: traherom

(Just to let ya know, Digg’s spam protection prevents brand new accounts from having much effect on a story’s promotion. :))

We’re up to 219 diggs and still going!

ChiefDelphi has now grown so much that our community can now alter the fate of FIRST on other websites for the better! Never mind the Slashdot effect, behold the ChiefDelphi effect! We saw it for the first time a few weeks ago with the CBS Story, and now we have this with Digg. w00t for CD! :smiley:

up to 246
email I got from Phil, who introduced me to digg.

"thanks, jenny…the FIRST story reached the front page of Digg yesterday. and now any future news item about FIRST will have a much greater chance of reaching the front of Digg.

what i like a lot about FIRST is that the people who believe in it do so
with great passion. i’m really glad…got me involved in
FIRST. my eyes have been opened.
…do let me know if there’s anything i can ever help you with.

       - phil"*