Hey guys

Has any team had an issue with bagging where they bagged the robot in a way that prevented them from moving it into a car or even out of a room?

Did you bag it with bumpers on? If you built a robot within the size constraints, it should fit through a standard sized doorway.

No I was just looking at the robot we have and I realized if the arm we have is angled any significant amount to the left or right then it wouldn’t fit through a door. I don’t remember who bagged it but I am glad they remembered to reset the arm after nights of driving the robot out of the practice area with the arm down and having to turn everything back on to move the arm over a bit.

We didn’t bag our Robot with bumpers (thank goodness), but we’ve had to move it a few times, and wrapped in smooth plastic, it makes for a precarious and dangerous thing to carry. We’ve almost dropped it a few times.

I would recommend contacting FIRST if you were to run into a problem getting a robot transported due to having left it in the wrong orientation to fit through a doorway.

All I can say is that hindsight is 20/20 :wink:

I think you would be able to use the “robot display” time to resolve that issue, if it happened.
As mentioned you could contact FIRST if there was no more time left in your “robot display” time.

I am sure this has happened before…

Good luck this year everyone!