Hey High School Seniors! Need Scholarship Help?

Hey guys… a quick note.

A senior on here recently asked me about editing his scholarship essays. I offered to edit all the essays he’d send me. Which got me thinking… (and we all know what happens when Amanda thinks).

If you are planning on turning in a scholarship, FIRST related or not, I would be more than happy to edit your essays. To attest, I did edit one of the winning essays at the Indiana Robotics Invitational this summer. Even if you are an excellent writer, I strongly urge you to have at least someone edit them - the smallest mistake can literally cost you. I figured I would post this now, as school is getting back into session, and seniors will be filling out those scholarships now.

If you have something you want me to edit, email me at amorrison [at] indianafirst [dot] org, or just PM me on here and I can give you an alternate way of sending it.

Good luck!
Amanda Morrison

Thanks Amanda for offering us poor seniors help… we appreciate you… but you are crazy…:slight_smile:

That’s too nice of ya Amanda! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind this year…though I’m a junior, I can still ask for help right? :wink:
You rock! Thanks for the offer, I’ll have to take ya up on it. =D
P.S. [whisper] Yeah you may need to help Arefin…I don’t think he’s good with that stuff…or much else…:wink: [/whisper]

Yeah, you can… I also do any school papers, however, you’ll have to give me a week to complete those. Scholarships take second importance… my schoolwork and current FIRST involvement comes first.

If you have a paper due in a few weeks and have a draft, or if you need help coming up with topics or how to research, just ask and I’ll let you know what kind of help I can give you.

/edit: I guess all grades count. :rolleyes:

I’m a senior, and I have this huge Finite Element Analysis paper due tomorrow.
Will you edit it for me Amanda?


Seriously though.
This is an awesome thing you’re doing.
Hopefully you won’t go completely insane proofreading for a bunch of enginerd-wannabe HS students who can’t write and can barely speak.

Wow, thats very nice of you! I’ll take you up on the offer as soon as I’m done with my essay to Clarkson for English class… Thanks in advance! :]

ouch that hurts… :ahh: very surprised at your comment

I’m stereotyping and joking…
Remember I’m a MechE (almost). :wink:

I’m sure most of you can tie your shoes without help. :wink:

“Before I went to college I couldn’t spell ‘engineer’ now I are one.”

Laugh you make me, JVN. I are enigeer to also. i like bligdng orbots in IRfst alot! yay!

Joking aside,

Good luck with those amanda!!

Wow … this is an amazing offer Amanda. Thank you so much for offering to do this for all of us seniors. I will most probably be taking you up on this. Thank you so much again …

Cool. Thanks in advance for the offer, I might have to take this up.

Now, are you willing to write papers too? :wink:

Thanks Amanda, I’ll keep this in mind… no doubt when the time comes around I’ll be asking for your help.

thats a noble offer amanda, now i hope you are not overwhelmed with a hundred papers in the next few weeks.

i’m a good writer, but i will probably still take the offer. i’ll help people with writing too (except poetry :slight_smile: ). i can’t promise anything though, i might be busy, but i’m glad to help people when i can.

Let me just add that I was once asked to help select a small scholarship winner. I had about a dozen applications to read. Almost all the applicants were equal in their qualifications for this particular scholarship which made it a tough choice. I was appalled that about half of them were handwritten in writing that was barely legible; and most of them contained misspelled words or punctuation errors. It influenced my decision on who would receive the money. I’m sure that if you asked nicely and with enough advance notice, many of your teachers or guidance counselors will help proofread your applications.

can we pay you under the table to write papers for classes?

Indeed! Starting back in middle school, I edited my mom’s papers for her college classes. Since then, I have edited webzine articles, school papers for friends and family, and articles for different newspapers/journals. I stand by this - NO writer is perfect. I am not perfect, either. I do make common spelling mistakes all the time, and nobody’s grammar can be absolutely amazing. But just having someone do a quick lookover of your paper can do wonders.

Sorry kids. I only edit. No amount of money is going to get me to write your paper… but I’ll go over a few drafts with you if I have to. Cheaters never win, winners never cheat. :slight_smile:

like everyone else, im going to have to echo the fact that i may take up your offer of editing an essay or two (hopefully only one ;)). I’m looking to get into an ivy league school with a killer essay or two, relying on extracurriculars rather than marks/sats… cause we all know what robotics does to our second term grades -__-"…hehe.

I think you’re going to regret making this offer, Amanda…who knows how many papers you’ll end up correcting?

Unfortunately for you, I’m a senior as well…and I might take you up off on the offer, depending on how desperate for help I am. I think I’ll use you as a last resort, since your time is much more valuable than mine…

Honestly, I haven’t been swamped yet… only had a few to take me up on this offer. I’m a little disappointed.

Bring 'em on, kiddies. You underestimate the power of Amanda Morrison.

I should have stumbled upon this sooner. Stupid hurricanes, clubs, and work. Can’t hurt for a third person to go over my essays.