Hey im new

I just joined cheif delphi after reading and researching the site completly for the whole year last year… I am drew from team 302 and stuff ummmm check out our new site and our threads www.team302.tk for now because our site has not been updated yet which is team302.com soon it will be updated but that is our new layout and stuff and it check it out though and tell us how it is? and i will be posting some pictures most likely sometime

Welcome to Chief Delphi! :ahh:


Welcome to Chief Delphi, Drew. Nice to know you’ve joined the glory that is the Chief Delphi Forums, where Segways are common forum topics. :smiley:

Welcome to CD! :slight_smile:

(just be careful…it’s addictive! :smiley: )


Ugh, I second that!! :ahh:

Welcome!! :slight_smile:

welcome man… hope you just dont turn out like me (spending atleast 2 hours on chiefdelphi each day)… but its a GREAT resource… :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Chief Delphi Forums, home of the wonderful people that compete in the FIRST competitions (mainly robotics). You will love it here (but me, well, I go insane a bit but heck, I’ll ger there ^^;;;). BTW, I’m new too, so welcome me, I feel oh so alone :frowning:

Welcome, one and all, to this wonderful gathering we call Chiefdelphi.com!

Great resource - Even Greater fun!! Hope you enjoy your stay and can be an addition to the community for a long time!


Welcome! Chief Delphi is pretty addictive, but there are many support groups suited for CD addiction. Wow, that was a pretty pathetic attempt at humor. Anyway, have a good time and remember, you may be addicted for a good reason.

Welcome to the Chief Delphi forums, where many FIRST teams come together. Just remember that Megaman pwns j00 no matter what (okay, Im kidding). Just read the rules and enjoy your stay.

Anticipate a 0.5-1 point GPA decrease within the coming month.

:yikes: Just kidding!..sorta…

:wink: Welcome to the forums.

lol in my life CD def comes before class work and it sucks cause i end up having to stay up later to get it done. its addictive but enjoy