Hey, it's almost like our robot!


Those things look so cool! It’s seriously like a mini-version of 810’s robot, minus the laser-tag option. How cool would it be to get a few of those with your robotics buddies and play some laser tag during breaks between working on the real robot! All I need is $60 now…

lol. but since we’re talking about think geek, what do ya’ll think about having a special uniform for programmers on a team? I’m thinking about this: :smiley:


That reminds me of our programmer he always always said that… and he might’ve had the shirt… I forget.
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783

lol, I wish I could wear the shirt, but I’m responsible for the hardware too, so it doesn’t work :slight_smile: if only there were one that said “It’s a mechanical problem” …



That’s a great shirt. I should get it, and my birthday is next week… :smiley:

or, i could try to convince my parent’s/grandparent’s/etc. to get me one of those little robots, and then convince a friend to get one too. ah, all the fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres a shirt for all you seczy nerds…
Talk Nerdy…

Do you have one of those Dave?