Hey Juniors (Soon to be Seniors...) Where Are You Looking At For College?

So, I just wanted to know, so mabey some of us can get together and create a team if we go to the same place. I’m looking at a few places too, but I want this not to be about me, plus I don’t even have a small list yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

So guys, where do you want to go?

Probably a hands-on engineering school but if i get scholorships ill go to there :smiley:

I think Joseph’s thread is new - he’s asking Juniors where they want to go to school, not where Seniors are going.

I’ll list one option - Cornell University is definitely a place I’m applying to. For all you out-of-towners, please just come here and visit the beautiful campus.

Purdue University…Mechanical Engineering

Or maybe Kettering :slight_smile:

That Mechatronics Engineering program at U Waterloo in Ontario has really got me interested, I’m applying there for sure… It seems really long, though (4 and 2/3 years).

My top choice for now is University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Other places I’m interested in are Northeastern, Drexel, and WPI.

Now I just have to make a final choice on a major, all I know is that it ends in “engineering”. :smiley:


I am most definitely going to the University of Florida, but I’m still very undecided about my major.

Also, www.princetonreview.com is a great college information resource. You should check it out.

I’d like to go to the University of California, Santa Cruz…
Or maybe go for a San Jose State FIRST scholarship =P

Either NIT, ITT, or Tenessee Tech/Uni.

um i’m trying not to stay in florida-- luv it here but i really want be out and get back up north

but for me it’s biomechanical enginnering i’m thinking for a major and i plan to apply to: university of south florida, drexel, boston university, virgina commonwealth university

and that’s it-- maybe northeastern for mechanical engineering-- go NEUTRONS–lol (my bro is on that team)

BUT GOOD LUCK TO ALL JUNIOR–HOPE U ALL GET TO THAT COLLEGE THAT U WANT-- AND GO START A TEAM (i really want to or find one close by and mentor it)

enjoy the senior year though–and jan it’s back to the drawing board for a new season!!

By that do you mean you don’t have a list at all or that your list is too big? Because that’s my problem. =)

I took the huge stack of all college junk mail I’ve ever gotten, threw out all the all-girls liberal arts colleges in towns that have more cows than people and made a huge long list of everything that was left. (No offense to girls that are into the whole all-girls thing or anyone into liberal arts or rural areas, those are just the bottom three things on the list of my own personal “things I want in a college”). The plan was to look into the schools on that list, check out what majors and programs and sports they have and then shorten the list.

The list still has about 60 colleges on it. =) Yay for procrastination!

Some schools on my list that I’ve noticed from this thread are Drexel and Cornell.

Other notable schools on the list include Carnegie Mellon, Cooper Union (mostly because my parents really want me to go there :)), Lehigh, Florida Tech, and Case Western Reserve.

But being an overachiever I’ve also got Columbia and MIT (yay geekiness) at the top of my list…

MIT TECH (if i get my grades up enough)
Full Sail (animation computer gaming school)
The Institue of Art in Boston or San Diego

ive been interested in engineering since i joined the team, but i am a hardcore gamer, i am starting to make mod’s, and i have serveral maps out for UT2k3 and soon 2k4. I am also starting to learn 3dsMax and Maya for next year’s animation, and for my own enjoyment =D and Adobe Photoshop for 2d graphics, textures, and signature art.

edit it’s really kinda sad, when your Girlfriend (who is a sophmore) has more idea and advance’s in what she wants to do and go than i do =P

Well, I have a small list, but man, my list changes every day. Today my list is:

-Caste Western
-VT (ok, it’ll be fun just to submit an application just to say you did)

Clarkson? Clarkson? Bueller? Clarkson?

We give out lots of FIRST scholarships. No joke.

I only want to go to the University of Maine in Orono. It is a beautiful school and another big plus is my boyfriend decided to go there as well. I want to major in Psychology or Social Work with a minor in music. Anyone should take a look at the school it is good sized about 11,000 students and has a great campus although it is in the middle of no where. Doesn’t have a Robotics team yet though. :smiley:

I’m considering the University of Michigan and Purdue…both have FIRST scholarships, and both have programs in aerospace engineering. I’m not sure what I want to do, but I’m currently leaning towards aerospace.

Then again, it depends on what I’m offered. I’m the kind of guy who should have no problem getting accepted - 35 on the ACT, a perfect 4.0 GPA (so far), a very demanding extracurricular in FIRST…

In the end, though, it’ll probably come down to money. If I can get a full ride to a school with a program I like, I’ll definitely take it.

I’ve been thinking, and I guess this a good place to ask.

Of people you know, what did it take to get into the college of their choice? What did they find the best thing to have on their side?

I’m hoping to go into either biomedical engineering, or something related to the world of genetics and immunology. Anyone have any reccomendations of good colleges that would be a fit?


I have been thinking of the U.S Naval Academy for its engineering. If not that then probably UCLA.

My dream is MIT or IIT (India Institute of Technology). But realistically, University of Waterloo or McMaster University (both in Ontario) for engineering.