Hey! Please Read this!! A MICHIGAN Kickoff is in the works!

Hey!! Read this Please! A MICHIGAN Kickoff is in the works!

Hello FIRST People in and around Michigan. Dan Gee, engineer on Team 67, The Hot Team, has proposed a terrific idea - that we be allowed to hold a kickoff in Michigan, rather than traveling to
New Hampshire.

There are LOTS of good reasons for this proposal:

  1. Travel to N. H. in January is difficult,
    especially if team representatives are bringing
    home more than 1 kit of parts (example -Team
    Ford FIRST reps will be bringing home at least
    10 kits this coming year)

  2. Reduced costs for airfare, cabs, car rentals
    and hotel/food.

  3. There is a precedent for this action. Virginia
    and NASA people were allowed to hold their
    kickoff in Virginia last year

  4. A little more time spent with the kit of parts

  5. Students will be able to take part in the

  6. Hey, how many times do you really need to see
    Dean’s house anyway???

If you are interested in this idea, please consider going to the FIRST Forum, which is fast
approaching (August 1st at EMU in the student union), and make your opinion count.

A preliminary contact has been made to host this event at the Novi Expo…a very neutral and very
convenient location…by Jennifer Harvey.

If enough teams in Michigan request this, we could be successful in accomplishing a Michigan Kickoff.

There would of course be a satellite link set up, so everyone could see what was happening in New

This is a great idea, especially considering that there are more teams from Michigan than from any
other state (for the past 3 years).

Talk to your teams and please let FIRST know how you feel about this, BEFORE or DURING the August Forum.

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  1. Students will be able to take part in the

Great idea for a MI kickoff, but whats this about students?