HEY!! Time to get ready for "after-glow"!

Time to register for the off-seasons.

  • Train new drivers!
  • Let the “old” guys have one last hurrah!
  • Put the girls in the driver’s seat!

See www.teamfordfirst.org for forms/info

time for the post season replay games-

we have 4 post season comps in the NJ-PA region

what about your part of the world?

how about setting one up?


Are there any off-season events around Southwest Wisconsin?

wisconsin is near indiana…and the IRI is in indiana. JULY 18-19

This is going to the sweetest (Hence, SWEET Repeat :p) Off-Season competition ever! And we’re going to have Mrs. Krussell to thank!!!:smiley: So be there!


I’m going to be up at MSU then. If I’m home that weekend, I’ll try to make it.