Hey, Where Can I Get That Animation From The Kick-off?

Anyone know where i can donload that animation file that WOODIE showed at the kickoff?

Ask Dave Lavery (it’s his creation).


Hey, where is Dave anyway…:rolleyes: , i coulda sworn i seen him somewhere…lol

(i say this because like the idiot that i am i almost pm’d him)

The animation will be posted no later than the end of the day Monday, as soon as I get back to my office and can send it through to the server.


Y = AX^2 + B… ehh, whatever.


Have you had a chance to upload the animation yet ?? We could really use it to show sponsors, or anyone else we want to describe the game to. Thanks for everything you do!

Stu Bloom :ahh:
Mechanical Engineer - Rolls-Royce Corporation
Pike High School RoboDevils - 1018

It is availible on this page: http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/ Look for Stack Attack Video Description of the 2003 FRC Game. Warning! 4MB

As noted above, a low-res, highly-compressed version of the kick-off animation is now available on the FIRST web site at http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/. This is a 4-meg QuickTime file. It is pretty grainy, but if all you have is a dial-up line it will work.

There is a high-resolution, higher-quality (and thus larger - 55 meg) Quicktime version now available on the NASA Robotics Education Project video archive. Note that this version has the full sound track, and has one minor change from the version shown at the kick-off that avoids any confusion about the scoring example.

Sorry for getting it posted a day later than promised, but we had to get the server links set up, and I didn’t get it done in time yesterday.


Y = AX^2 + B… ehhh, whatever

Dave: The new version dosn’t work for me.

“You may experience problems playing a video track in “stackattackmedres.moc” because the required compressor could not be found”

It plays the audio fine, but no video.
I’ve got version 5.0.2, and the update thing says I am upto date.


Dave did the new voice over...
Who was it the first time...hmmm

It’s using the standard QuickTime MPEG-4 codec, so there should not be any problem.


I am also having problems with the file. My QT player (ver 5.02) tries to download an update and then says “QuickTime is missing software required to display this movie file. Unfortunately it is not available on the QuickTime server”. - Plays audio but no video…

Also, Windows Media Player (ver 7.01) gives the message “Cannot play back the video stream: no suitable decompressor could be found”.

Any suggestions ?? Maybe my downloaded file is corrupt ??

Anyone successfully playing this file ??

Stu Bloom :ahh:
Mechanical Engineer - Rolls-Royce Corporation
Pike High School RoboDevils - 1018

Stu, i’m having the same problem… Could someone help us out here?

I’m having trouble getting it too. I need it for our open house to the public each weekend - I’m getting phone calls about the open house and it’s being featured in southbaycalendar email that goes out to all community.

I snagged a pretty low low quality mpeg version from the first website. You can get my copy here:



You can download it at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ :slight_smile:

You can download this free Program: RAD Video Tools and you can use this program to easily convert the quicktime mov file to an avi so that windows media player can understand it without having a heart attack.

Maybe try QuickTime 6? If you have it already, fire-up the “quicktime updater” to make sure that you have the latest CODECs. I saw the audio only problem when I tried to play the medium resolution version on my ancient 266 MHz laptop, but found that it works on all of my faster machines. I’m theorizing that the video bit-rate is too high for some systems and QuickTime, knowing that it can’t display the video portion adequately, falls back to an audio-only mode.


Thank you everybody! :smiley:

*Originally posted by JosephM *

You can download it at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ :slight_smile: **

Yeah, I just noticed that Dave used the MPEG-4 CODEC, which requires QuickTime 6.0. Even though my ancient laptop has QT6 on it, I’m sure it lacks the horsepower to decode the video portion of the MPEG-4 bitstream.


This is the link for the animation: http://robotics.nasa.gov/events/2008_frcwebcasts.php
Hope I was of some help! :smiley:

You might want to try Video Lan player as it is compatible with multiple formats as opposed to just quicktime or just windows media files. Many students on Chief Delphi forums use it - http://www.videolan.org/