Is any one going to see Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy over the weekend?

It looked good.
I’ll probably check it out.

If it’s playing here, I’m going to see it. Hopefully, Jay, you’ll be around to see it too. :smiley: If not, road trip to Canada!!!

I’m definitly going to see it this weekend.

I can’t wait to see it. I just hope that the movie stays close to the books and it will be awesome.

I’m gonna go see it with my girlfriend in a month when I go visit her :slight_smile:

We’re both big fans of the book so I hope its good like the book was.

I’m going to see it, either release day or the day after. I’m going along with some friends, all with our towels :smiley:

I wonder if it will stick with the first book, or have parts from all 5?

Sorry but according to the commercial towels are no longer useful in getting off the planet. Anyways the question should be "Who isn’t going to see H2G2(the correct abbrieviation :slight_smile: )? I mean everyone’s gonna see it, right :wink: !

Yeah, probably. Though I don’t think I’m going to bring a towel…that might just seem too weird for some people :stuck_out_tongue:

W007! The Guide! I’m gonna see the first show this Friday (no school :smiley: )

Friday, 10:20PM showing :smiley:

I’m going sometime Friday after school.

monday tbh, bank holiday here

I might watch it this weekend but more likely I’ll just wait till it comes out on DVD. Going to see it for sure sometime though.

just got back from it. Nothing Like The Book but they may have pulled the movie off. Not to mention the theater was great, filled with nothing but nerds, geeks and alike. I think a half the robotics team was there, and maybe half the science olympiad team, it was just a great setting.

Well anyway the movie:
One Great Thing- Marvin was casted perfectly
One Awful Thing- Love Story was terrible

whats do you guys think of it?

What about those of us, me included, that have not read the book. Will we enjoy it as a movie?

I went to the 12:01AM premiere this morning at Universal Studios. That was interesting, we showed up with our towels… and several others showed up wearing pajamas and with their towels as well.

If you have read about Douglas Adams’ views on this series, he WANTED the series to change as it went into different medias. For example, it started off as a radio series, then became a book. It made a big change there. Now we simply see another change. (For example, the addition of the special gun and the new character) Plus, many little changes to help keep the story going better in movie form. They kept the heart of the story, and made it incredibly amusing still.

I happened to like the love story, because it was a spoof too. The casting was very, very well done. Eddie the Computer was perfectly jolly, Marvin was perfectly sad. The Vogons as a whole were absolutly hysterical. The sperm whale scene was very well done. Etc. etc. etc. You have to be open minded if you read the book, it’s very different in many ways, but is a wonderful piece of work. I really hope people support this movie enough and we see the whole series made into movies. The ending of this movie definitly hinted that we may be seeing Restaurant at the End of the Universe in the near future.

People who have read the book and haven’t will love the movie I think. Several friends that haven’t read the book loved it. The fans of the book will notice little things like photos of Douglas Adams in certain scenes and other little easter eggs thrown in here and there. But, the movie is hilarious to everybody

A must see, definitly go out and see it guys. You won’t regret it. Just make sure you Don’t Panic!

Also, don’t forget your towel.

Well I went out and saw it and I have never read the book.
Frankly I wasn’t impressed.
I mean it was amusing and inventive and all but it came off as rather smug when I didn’t see any reason for it to be so. Like Kung Fu Hustle it’s this manic craeation that reels forward without any purpose than to be and for the sheer spectacle of it all it’s great but for what I was expecting I was let down. I’ll take Monty Python and the Holy Grail any day or Time Bandits for that matter.
This one was a bit of a dissapointment to me.

I want to see it because I read the books, but I really don’t want to spend $9.75x 2, gotta be a gentleman and pay for the date, plus the $5.50 for a drink and tiny pop corn.

Some of us from the team went out and saw it last night too. Some of them liked it, but I don’t think it lived up to what the book was. Definitely a disappointment.