hi dear cmucam testers (need help)

I just got my cmucam3 and really eager in testing and getting it to work in my Robot using a H8S/2633R microcontroller from hitachi!

My robot actually need this camera to track 1 cyan and 1 green pellet on a totally black platform execpt for some yellow tape surrounding the outer part of the platform

I tried connecting it using CMucam2.vi , with NI-VISA installed, setting it to my serial com port 1 ~ everythn are set correctly , making sure only 1 serial port is used at a time, i still get a timeout query error! Need some help!

You said you have a cmucam3? The cmucam3 probably has a different protocall and set of commands seeing that it is much more advanced. The cmucam2.vi is for the cmucam2 so i probably wont work with the cmucam3 without major changes

Build a SpoonBot with the CmuCam3