Hi everyone, this is Kelly From Team 180

Well long time no see… I have been away in the Army and I’m still here. I’m located in Augusta, Ga. at Fort Gordon. Anyways, I know that this year’s competition is in Atlanta, so I might just stop by and represent SPAM!!! hehe… I miss you guys!!! Keep up the good work and I see that you guys are keeping very busy. Basically I’m working on satellites and wire-tracing and such… it’s using the concept of troubleshooting and all this other junk… Anwyays, I miss SPAM (of course :smiley: ) But I miss the whole Robotics scenario and I hope that when I go to my permanent duty station that I will spend a lot of time with the nearest team… Hopefully they’ll take me under their wing. hehe… :yikes: Well Best of luck to all of you and mostly to my team back home in FL, TEAM 180 SPAM!!!

I remember Kelly! (Not like Rememeber the Alamo cause you’re still around, eh :stuck_out_tongue: (bad joke…) See ya in Atlanta!

Hey DJ!!! Long time no Talk!!! i have a new SN on AIM so im me sometime!!! KellyD31F Alright!! Much Luv!! :smiley: